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Discrimination and violation of separation of church and state
in the french national educational system

(While reading this, one must keep in mind that, aside from the 5 to 8 recognized traditional religions, all of the others have been considered as cults by the French Parliament, including many Christian denominations.)

Part One
This part gives examples and documents showing how beliefs and religious pratices are attacked within school books and litterature. These often quote 'anti-cults' leaders in order to denigrate scholars and specialists who have studied the subject and have an objective reality on it, or they depict apocalyptic scenes in families, or attack such or such specific french religious group.
There are no contradictory assertions that would enable students to form their own judgement. This violates the neutrality that the French State and National Education are bound to abide as regards to religions and beliefs.
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Part Two
How biased training is given out to teachers through the Academic training of school teachers, preparing them to " fight the cults " during their work. Ideological conferences are held in schools and universities. One could also find a stand against religious minorities at the National Education Fair. One can see examples of discrimination against teachers who are transfered - without any possibility of defense - because of their religious membership.
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Part Three
We discover here propaganda materials edited by the Minister of Education to help " identify cults ". One learns how to distrust even yoga ! A black list is provided, along with many hackneyed prejudices. Within school libraries, advices are given not to display specific books due to their " uncertain " content that could lead to spiritual deviance. The inter-ministerial mission against cults has also edited a " Guide for the educator against contemporary sectarianism ".
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