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This concise and well documented booklet traces back the true origin of the 1996 french parliamentary report on " sects " which has caused so much damages. The following is a summary of the booklet.


Created in 1995, the Commission on " sects " laid down a list of 172 philosophical, religious and spiritual movements that were labelled as " sects ", giving a highly derogatory meaning to this term.

Instead of doing a serious and complete work, the commission took inspiration in informations issued from " Renseignements generaux " (the secret internal police), and IHESI (Institute for High studies on Internal Security) linked with the Interior National Department. This commission did not dare consulting any specialist of religions. In consequence, as mentionned in several national newspapers, its conclusions denote a fundamental ignorance about the whole subject.

For example, although no satanic or islamic group is quoted, the report pays a long attention to christian, hindouist or buddhist groups.

Although it has no legal value, as confirmed twice in writing in 1998 and 2003 by the National Interior Department, this report was however taken as a justification by representatives or press reporters to stigmatize such or such group, and put forward discriminatory measures against them, leading to serious injustices.

See on our September 2004 news,

The origin of the report. The secret strategy

As soon as 1992, ADFI (Union for defense of Families and individuals) revealed its plan during a congress on legal matters. There, Colonel Morin exposed his thesis regarding " Psychic raping ", as well as a strategy that was put into effect along the following years. As per him, the minority religions were to be fought with secret intelligence methods. Government agents would publish alarming reports in the medias in order to create a frightened atmosphere.

Very fast, in 1993, Colonel Morin was appointed to IHESI (see above). A study group was formed, composed of members of the police and Renseignements generaux (french secret internal police), headed by Jean Albouy, assistant of Member of parliament Jacques GUYARD, the man who initiated and was the reporter of the future parliamentary commission.

A psychiatrist, Jean-Marie Abgral, was also consulted to give a " scientific " guarantee to this plan. However, the thesis of the two " specialists " Colonel Morin and JM Abgral, have been clearly invalidated by members of the scientific community, especially on the topic of " brainwashing " theory, following studies conducted on former war prisoners or clinical quantitative studies in the US on members of new religious movements.

The rigged support of the parliament

Colonel Morin's strategy had yet to be endorsed by the national assembly to get some credit. The creation of a commission was voted in a hurry while most of representatives were away in their local district.The members of the commission, as JP Brard and Alain Gest, did not hide their extremist positions. The later proposed to implement a " sect crime " - i.e. considering creating or belonging to a minoity religion as a legal crime !

In the report copywrited by Jacques Guyard, a mispelling was revealing the source of all this fraudulent scheme : the reporter is referring to an italian law, the " piaggo "(1), a fascist Mussolini's law cancelled since, that ADFI had praised - with the same mispelling - in its newsletter in 1992. Another fact proves all by itself that the blacklist of 172 groups did not have its place in a democracy. The only governement that has published such a list in the past is the 3rd Reich. That former list included already Jehovah's Witnesses, pentecostal bodies and theosophy.

An implacable strategy

Following scrupulously the steps of this 1992 plan, the french government followed the recommendations of the 96 report that included the creation of the MILS (inter-departments governmental committee for fight against sects) and the so-called About-Picard law.

1. The first appointed members to the MILS, created in 1998, were the very ones who planned the creation of the parliamentary commission.

2. The About-Picard law (2001), which provides for disbanding spiritual groups, is officially inspired from a 1936 french law against " factious groups ", written by Pierre Laval, who became Prime Minister during collaboration with Hitler in 1940.

3. During the short debate at the french Parliament, MP Philippe de Vuilque gave an insight on what would be the next target : some NGOs, psychotherapists and health groups.

4. During the 2001-2002 year, there was a true poisoning on this subject through the whole org board of National Education, from top to bottom, with lectures, teachers training, booklets, black lists and discrimination within the public institution and personnel.

The (in)famous About-Picard law was the most dangerous outcome of this strategy, replacing objective criteria by subjective ones. As per the original strategy, it was voted in the midst of a press campaign focused on the Solar Temple tragedy, similar to Guyana and Waco (2), with only 3,5% members of Parliament present, and did prompt a strong outcry from many avenues, including from mainstream religions. " Uneducated agressiveness ", " citizen are considered as disabled adults " were the type of comments published in many general french newspapers at that time.

The spearhead of this strategy

Heading this fight against spiritual and religious minorities, one could find lobbies like ADFI, CCMM (Center against mental manipulation) or FECRIS (A European federation of such movements) which are largely subsidized by the government and publc funds, at a 95% rate.

We had then reached the unbelievable, i.e. the french government financing lobbies in order to vote an oppressive law. Worse, the CCMM published two complacent pages covering the chinese government's propaganda justifying the cruel repression of the Falun Gong movement, shortly after the support trip of the President of the MILS and of General secretary of CCMM (his wife) into China.

The recent indignation concerning the misuse of public funds by former MILS demonstrates the absurdity and inconsistency of their fight.

France, only occidental country having passed a law (in 2001) broadly directed against religious and spiritual minorities, got high critics from many european or international bodies, dealing with human rights. The situation is compounded by the fact that several dictatorships in the world openly take this french law as a reference in order to continue their local oppression of religious minorities (See China with Falun Gong or Tibet).


This booklet demonstrates, with full evidences, that far from being a popular demand, the national campaigns of intolerance were following a calculated strategy, worked out by a small clique of individuals. We have here a really clear tool to be read by all concerned.

(1) "Plagio" is the real term. "Piaggio" is a scooter brand.
(2) Like for Waco and Guyana catastrophies, many observers conclude that the Solar Temple tragedy was initiated by secret defense services, (french for this time).
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