Coordination des Associations & Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience
CAP pour la Liberté de Conscience - Liberté de Religion - Liberté de Conviction
ONG avec statut consultatif spécial auprès de l'ONU
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Ecrivez-nous : 117, rue de Charenton, 75012 Paris
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You can support us by becoming a member of the association.
This membership shows your support but does not commit you to participate in our activities.
Please send your check to
Coordination des Associations & Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience (C.A.P.)
12 rue Campagne Première - 75014 PARIS - France

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Checks to be ordered to " C.A.P.L.C. "
Wish to become a member : 35 $ or 30(euros)

You may as well give us a bigger financial support, it's up to your judgement.
In order to send your membership card to you and fullfill our legal obligations, please indicate your name, nirst name, address, (area), ZIP code, city and country ( and email )

We have compiled a few documents, booklets and a video, mostly in french for the moment, which are good tools for enlighting and getting support amongst political, religious and scientific influential persons. The more we'll have adequate means, the more we will be able to get significative support within the French society and abroad. Our newsletter, sent to all our members, is also a good introduction to make our ideas known and increase our reach. In this exact moment where the recent change of French government has modified the political configuration, we know that a lot of issues will be given a new orientation during the few upcoming months. If you have visited our web site, you are obviously concerned with what's going on in France regarding religious and spiritual freedom. We are well aware that you might not understand the whole of our materials.
We'll pay due attention to increase the volume of english translations very soon. We remind you that you have a right to access, modify, correct and delete informations regarding yourself (art. 34 of the 6th jan 1978 French law " informatique et libertés ").
In order to implement that right, you can write to
C. A. P. L. C. - 12 rue Campagne Première - 75014 Paris - France

Thanks to all of you who are already members. Your support is important.
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