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FECRIS (European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Sectarianism) is a collection of European anti-religious groups such as the French groups ADFI and CCMM. Amongst their stated goals is "participate in the creation of a European legal area with regards sectarian issues." This ominous statement is explained in a lengthy text which outlines a number of actions they wish to implement that would essentially erode fundamental human rights (see and one of the ways they wish to achieve this is through gaining consultative status with the Council of Europe.

The Council of Europe is the "guardian" of the European Convention on Human Rights and FECRIS have made representations to this intergovernmental body to gain this consultative status. However, they have certainly not presented any of the many negative experiences from numerous individuals and groups that demonstrate that they are in fact violating the European Convention on Human Rights and as such are not worthy of this status.

In September, the Council of Europe will announce new groups that have been granted consultative status. We think it important that the authorities of the Council of Europe are made aware of the discriminatory and biased nature of ADFI and CCMM as clearly shown by facts.

CAP have already placed a number of testimonies and statements relating to ADFI on this site and we are now creating a special section in order to present additional information about this group.

We are also calling for all concerned individuals to e-mail and write to the Council of Europe to show their concern about FECRIS.

The following demonstrate the real (as oppose to stated) intentions and results of ADFI and CCMM actions.

We think it worth asking the question "If ADFI and CCMM really did have positive intentions why do they never attempt to communicate with the groups they are speaking about and resolve what they consider to be genuine concerns ?"
Why do they never give any account of the positive actions and benefits to individuals that the minority religious groups they refer to bring (of which there is ample evidence) ?
Why is their "information" so one-sided and completely biased to present such a negative picture ?
Any group dealing with any kind of conflict resolution or protecting family values must surely have as one of its basic principles - dialogue.
This is completely absent in ADFI and CCMM.



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