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How the French government and parliament were leaded into a witch-hunt

By Pierre Barrucand Resistance medallist, Honorary Researcher, CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) Honorary President of CAP With the law of 1905 on the separation of Church and state in France, discrimination appeared to have become impossible and yet only a few decades ago, France and other western countries saw the emergence of campaigns against "sects". While anti-sect campaigns have emerged in many countries, first and foremost the United States, they never received official support and are currently beginning to fade. Unfortunately, this is not the case in France, even if it calls itself wrongly the country of human rights. Two parliamentary enquiry commissions have devoted their efforts to this alleged sect phenomenon as though they had nothing more important to do. The commission did not listen to those who could have enlightened it, i.e. sociologists and religious historians who are not part of any sect but are objective and without passion. According to the anti-sect extremists, they are accomplices of sects. But which crimes are we looking at ? The crime of existing, that is all.
(Excerpt from “La nouvelle chasse aux sorcieres – The new Witch hunt” by Thierry Becourt). Download… NCSG05-09_GB.rtf

The RDDP club : Rumor – (D) Misinformation – Diabolization - Penalization

Thierry Becourt, Chairman, Institut de Psychanimie* *Psychanimie: psychology inspired by theosophical writings. In this foreword, Thierry Becourt describes how his life was almost destroyed by this propaganda machine which fights millenary ideas and pratices as natural healing, believing in reincarnation, prayer. How he realized that those who would point out these “curves” and would set up courts without investigations were not just mislayed good wills. “We will have to resist in order to exist, while avoiding criticizing other actions, philosophies and practices.” That is getting into action, but refraining from following amongst minorities the same behavior we protest against.
(Excerpt from “La nouvelle chasse aux sorcieres – The new Witch hunt” by Thierry Becourt). Download… NCS11-15_GB.rtf

When Inquisition raises from dead Centuries of prosecutions and Inquisitions, that culminated in racial and religious extremism during World War II, did not produce the logical conclusions. This was however the hope that brought about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed in Paris in 1948. Instead, while the Government is protecting traditional religions, it subsidizes groups that attack religious minorities, in violation of the directions formulated by the European Council on June 22nd 1999. “ The violence of attacks against a minority always seems abusive and not tolerable…after the facts” was the conclusion of historian Pierre Barrucand.
(Excerpt from “La nouvelle chasse aux sorcieres – The new Witch hunt” by Thierry Becourt). Download… NCS17-22_GB.rtf

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