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Scientologists win against the Mayor of Angers
November 2008


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A decree of the Mayor of Angers is declared illegal in a case that opposed him to the Church of Scientology.

By a court ruling of September 12th, 2008, a judge in Angers has pronounced "illegal" a decree of the highest magistrate of the city, aiming at restricting the freedom of expression of the Scientologists.

By this decree of October 29th, 2007, Jean-Claude Antonini wanted to prohibit the "diffusion of any information, written or verbal, coming directly or indirectly from the Church of Scientology."

The judge considered "that the decree of October 29th, 2007, appears as being an attack to the freedom of the press, to the freedom of expression, to the freedom of free topics and trade in particular", and it is for this reason that he announced the litigious decree as illegal.

The court ruling also observed that the Mayor cannot stand in for the Angevins "who must have the freedom to appreciate what is good or bad for them", and that "the mayor of the town of Angers hides behind personal general considerations.”

The judge thus stigmatized the propensity of the Mayor to want to censure the Angevins, and prevent them to thinking for themselves as well as the utterly personal fight carried out by Mr. Antonini, whose lawyer had already declared: "

The Mayor is right morally even if he knows that he is wrong legally"

Jean-Claude Antonini had already been sanctioned in 2007 by the administrative Court of Nantes in a similar case for attacking the freedom of the Scientologists.

Justice put an end to his drifts because, contrary to what the Mayor of Angers thinks, the end does not justify the means.

Thursday October 16th, 2008"


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