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Junuary 2008


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Mathieu Cossu accused

Mathieu Cossu has been for a long time the spokesman on the Internet of pressure groups said “anti-cults » which regularly attack via the press therapeutic, spiritual and religious minorities. Would justice, which has for a long time been benevolent towards these “anti-cults” and their henchmen, come today to a stricter and more rigorous application of the law in the subject of slander against minorities of faith ?

The recent condemnation, by the Court of Appeal of Rouen, of Catherine Picard, President of the UNADFI, for slander against the Witnesses of Jehovah was a strong sign for the UNADFI and company. Will Mathieu Cossu be the next of the “anti-cults” to have to come back to a language more respectful of freedom of conscience ?

CAP Liberté de Conscience will keep you informed about the progress of this case.

Statement from Mathieu Cossu :“

I have just been accused to have, during an interview for the TF1 TV news of 24th January 2007, said what I thought about the postings of a “miraculous” medal of the Blessed Virgin, along with requests of money to a lot of people, by Tradition, Famille, Propriété (TFP). During this interview, I have told my viewpoint which is also the one of many people who have contacted me, saying they were exasperated by the requests of money renewed several times, requests I have also received, and sent, between amongst, to old people who think, taking into account the content, that these were letters from a community belonging to the Catholic Church, which, at my knowledge, is not confirmed by the Catholic Church of France.”

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The TFP asks for the MIVILUDES dissolution

In an urgent call to help for all lovers of freedom of belief, the TFP (Tradition Family Property) tells about the very many tribulations they have undergone from State’s services. This is what they write :

"The partisans of a secularity conceived as an arm against the Catholics’ influence in society even refuse the free confrontation of ideas and values, so violating pluralism, neutrality and impartiality, the basic principles in a society which wants to be democratic :

- for them, the essential principles inherited from 2000 years of Christian civilization have no right to be freely proposed to today men.

- fiscal controls of the association and its president,

- plus a control from the Committee on Public Accounts acting upon the order of the Prefect of Region,

- plus a summons in front of the Civil First Instance Court."

Besides, the TFP has written a long and reason-why letter to the Prime Minister, letter in which they refute point after point all criticism issued against them by the Miviludes (Inter-Ministerial Mission of Vigilance and Fight against Sectarian Drifts) in their yearly 2006 report.

At the end of a very detailed and long list, the TFP asks the Prime Minister to go on with to the dissolution of the Miviludes, and they make, in particular, the following remark : « It [the letter to the Prime Minister] was necessary to call your attention on the incompatibility of the Miviludes and its functioning with freedoms to which international community is setting a value.”

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RG : Yves Bertrand : "I know nothing, but I shall say (almost) everything"

Yves Bertrand, former Director of RG from 1992 to 2003 recognizes in his book « I know nothing, but I shall say (almost) everything » that in 1996 “some groups have been pretty quickly presented as cults”.


The word cult was coined at a time when Catholicism and Protestantism constituted the leading standard and where the point was, somehow, to stigmatize Christian heresies. Should it be used so easily today? I sincerely doubt about it. … Should we mingle in a same word, cults and minority movements practicing proselytism as the Witnesses of Jehovah? Sincerely, I do not think so. One has the right to criticize Scientology or the Witnesses of Jehovah, but should they be presented as devils? I even think that putting on the same level some societies of thought and authentic sectarian movements which alienate their members’ freedom, we get the exact opposite of what we are loking for. Under the pretext of protecting freedom of conscience, we prevent citizens to adopt the creeds of their choice, which is in opposition to a well understood secularity…”

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RMC, 11th October 2007Broadcast Bourdin and Co

(RMC) Jean Jacques Bourdin: Lionel Lucca, one last question: I wanted to ask you a question because once you stepped in about Scientology. Lionel Lucas, Scientology has been recognized as a religion in Portugal. Should we open the debate in France? Are you preparing a bill?

M.P. Lionel Lucca: I am not proposing anything, I was just thinking openly, which is rather difficult in our country, that finally, we should think about the fact that if for some countries Scientology is a religion, why do we consider it to be a cult? I am not justifying anything about Scientology, because personally, I do not care at all about Scientology, but it is for the idea one can have about freedom of expression and therefore to make a debate without prejudices, which to me seems rather difficult in this country.

RMC : But how to open debate?

Lionel Lucca: I do not consider lodging a bill to recognize Scientology as a religion, this is clear, but to be able to talk freely about it without immediately… Because after the interview we had together, I received dozens of letters telling me: “this is scandalous, you are defending Scientology, etc.” I am defending nothing at all, I am defending the freedom of thought; that we may think that there is a problem. As a proof of it, Portugal has just asserted Scientology is a religion, just like in Germany. It justifies nothing; maybe we are right, but maybe the others are not wrong either.

RMC : Thank you Lionel Lucca.

RMC, le 11 octobre 2007
Emission Bourdin and Co

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