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18 may 2009 (AFP) – Human Rights: A delegation of OSCE visits MIVILUDES

Three experts in religion and members of the Office of Human Rights of OSCE did a visit at Miviludes, said on Monday to AFP its president Georges Fenech, according to a data mentioned in the paper Liberation.

These three experts, a French, an Italian and an American, came last week « following critics of some NGO accusing France to attempt to Human Rights regarding fight against sectarian drifts », added the president of Miviludes, who added that the visit went well.

M. Fenech estimated « normal » that these experts doing an investigation after having received complaints. He said that he went to Varsovie in October for the congress of the Human Rights bureau of OSCE where he explained the policy of France regarding sectarian drifts. « it was already agreed that we will keep in touch ».

« These complaints for attempt to Human Rights come from sectarian lobbying » that want to discredit Miviludes, said M. Fenech, reminding that Miviludes denounced these practices of lobbying in its yearly report last year, and once again that year. (the yearly report 2008 will be given on Monday night to the Prime Minister).

He refused to consider that visit of experts as an attempt of intimidation just before the opening of the trial of seven members of the Church of Scientology for « swindling in organized band », on 25 of may at the 12th Chamber of the Criminal Court of Paris.

In other hand, the Church of Scientology considers that Miviludes participates to a « media harassment » launched against it before the trial.

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