The European Faith and Freedom Summit III aims to explore the social action of Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) WITHIN Europe and their crucial role in building a more resilient society.

FBO’s play a significant role in addressing societal challenges, promoting social cohesion, and advocating for the values of faith and freedom in the European Union (EU). This conference aims to provide a platform for MEPs and Civil Society to discuss the challenges, opportunities and impact of FBOs and their contributions to a more inclusive and sustainable society inside Europe.

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WHEN: 18 April 2024, 14:30 – 18:00
WHERE: European Parliament (Brussels)


Among the speakers:

  • MEP Maxette Pirbakas
  • João Martins, Regional Director ADRA Europe (Adventist Development and Relief Agency)
  • Bhairavananda Saraswati Swami, President and Director of the Shiva Forum Europe
  • Lahcen Hammouch, CEO of Bruxelles Media Group
  • Thierry Valle, President CAP Freedom of Conscience
  • Ivan Arjona-Pelado, President European Office Church of Scientology
  • Jewish representative (TBC)
  • Ettore Botter, Programs Director Volunteer Ministers
  • European Sikh Organization (TBC)

If you are not accredited to the European Parliament, we encourage you to arrive by 14:15 and ensure we can take you in. If you do not register with at least 48 hours in advance, we wont be able to guarantee your entry.


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