The United Nations Human Rights Council is currently considering a draft resolution (A/HRC/55/L.22) that aims to bolster the rights of persons belonging to national, ethnic, religious, and linguistic minorities. The resolution, sponsored by a diverse group of countries, emphasizes the need for States to take concrete measures to ensure the full enjoyment of minority rights and promote social cohesion.

Key points of the draft resolution include:

  1. Urging States to ratify and adhere to relevant international and regional human rights instruments protecting minority rights.
  2. Promoting the inclusion and meaningful participation of minorities in society, recognizing their unique contributions and cultural diversity.
  3. Addressing discrimination and exclusion faced by minority women and girls through targeted legislation, policies, and programs.
  4. Fostering economic inclusion of minorities and ensuring equal access to education, work, health, and an adequate standard of living.
  5. Collecting disaggregated data to better understand and address the impact of discrimination on minorities.
  6. Condemning advocacy of national, racial, or religious hatred that incites discrimination, hostility, or violence against minorities.
  7. Ensuring accountability for human rights violations against minorities and providing victims with adequate remedies and assistance.

The resolution also welcomes the work of the Special Rapporteur on minority issues and the recommendations from the 16th session of the Forum on Minority Issues, which focused on “Minorities and cohesive societies: equality, social inclusion and socioeconomic participation.”

If adopted, this resolution would serve as a strong call to action for States to prioritize the protection and promotion of minority rights. It recognizes that the full realization of these rights is essential for building inclusive, stable, and cohesive societies. The international community will be watching closely to see how States implement the resolution’s recommendations and work towards ensuring that no minority is left behind.

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